My Posting Schedule

I love blogging. A LOT.

It’s fun, fulfilling and it gives me an added layer of purpose to continue doing what I’m doing.

But if I’m not careful, I know me, I’ll easily get distracted blogging and lose focus on what I really need to working on – writing my business plan.

So while I’ll try to continue posting randomly throughout the week, you can DEFINITELY expect to see new content posted every Monday/Wednesday/Friday throughout the day.

With this, I’m hoping to better set my reader’s expectations and too, help myself stay disciplined and focused, while I’m working on both projects.

I’ve received a lot of encouraring notes and text messages, from friends and family, letting me know how much you’ve enjoyed reading my blog so far. 

And I just want to issue a huge THANK YOU.

Your support and words of kindness continue to encourage me over and over again.

Thanks a million times over!!






5 Responses to “My Posting Schedule”

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