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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembered

January 19, 2009

I’d like to take a few minutes to acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy.

Without Dr. King, I don’t think tomorrow would be possible.


Thank You, Pilot Sully

January 16, 2009

Thanks for being our hero.

Thank You Kanika!!

January 12, 2009

I received this kind note of encouragement last week and just had to share with everyone!! What makes this all the more special is that it’s from a woman I don’t even know and have never met.

“I do not know you… The reason I am writing is because I was inspired by your page. I too, have “jumped off the ladder” as well and having been where you might be I wanted to let you know…you will be OK! As with anything you will have good days and bad days but stay encouraged and remember why you made the choice. As money became tighter and tighter I remember second guessing myself and wondering if I had done the right thing but I am now a successful business owner and I have time to be at home with my young family. My current idea of success is not what I necessarily had in mind when I made the decision but it is more than I ever imagined! There is so much value in doing what you know you were meant to do. I wish you much success in your journey!

I hope Kanika’s success will be of encouragement to you as it was to me. Especially if you’re thinking about “jumping off the ladder” too!

New Posting Schedule, Well Kinda…

January 12, 2009

I love blogging. A LOT.

It’s fun, fulfilling and it gives me an added layer of purpose to continue doing what I’m doing.

But if I’m not careful, I know me, I’ll easily get distracted blogging and lose focus on what I really need to working on – writing my business plan.

So while I’ll try to continue posting randomly during the week, you can DEFINITELY expect to see new content posted every Monday/Wednesday/Friday throughout the day.

With this, I’m hoping to better set expectations for everyone and too, help myself stay disciplined and focused, while I’m working on both projects.

I’ve received a lot of encouraring notes and text messages, from friends and family, letting me know how much you’ve enjoy reading my blog so far. 

And I just want to issue a huge THANK YOU.

Your support and words of kindness continue to encourage me over and over again.

Thanks a million times over!!