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My Week in Review

December 23, 2008

Sorry I haven’t written anything for real in the past week. I’ve been one busy little chica.

My family (my dad and my grandparents) came down for a couple of days, then my friend and mentor Dr. Wilson visited on Friday, and on Saturday, I had a small holiday gathering with some of my girls. I had a fabulous week, and was just SO very grateful to God for all of my family and friends.  I am truly, truly blessed.

After that though, I had to get myself focused on packing up my apartment. Because I am no longer in the land of the employed, I have to move. My new budget only covers me living in either a room or a really cheap apartment.  No more studio loft, that’s for sure.

So, right now, I’m temporarily staying at my aunt’s until it’s determined where I’ll be going to hair school. But, I’m definitely going to miss my little ol’ apartment.  As I’m writing, I can’t help but reflect on how much I LOVE this place. I decorated it with an Anthropologie ambience to it, and just felt so comfortable in this space. It was a reflection of me and was just perfect for me.

But I also knew pursuing my dreams would cost me some things, and I’m willing to pay those costs for something even better.

Already, I’ve set up things in my room at Aunt Gloria’s, and it already feels like me and reminds me of my apartment – it’s just a much smaller version of it. 

I’ll try and post some pics if I can ever find my camera.

Oh, the joys of moving…