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My Last (Fast Food) Supper

January 23, 2009

I had my last Wendy’s supper last night. 

And for the next 30 days, I am COMMITTED to eating only healthy foods – fruits, vegetables, lean protein and good snacks. That’s it.

The bottom line is: I’m NOT HEALTHY!  (And I could stand to lose a few pounds too.)

Especially as an entrepreneur, I think it’s sooo important to be healthy and have a healthy kind of energy. And eating the wrong type of foods will have just the total opposite effect I think.

When I met with Kelly on Monday, another young entrpreneur, she said that after she had gone on a raw food diet, her body changed. Naturally, she lost weight, but she also gained mental clarity and a more positive energy.

And that’s what I want too.

When I think about it, I haven’t been sleeping through the night and I’m sure it’s because of my eating habits.  And lately, I’ve been feeling drained, lethargic and not as confident as I normally am. I’m 100% positive it’s because my body is toxic. There’s just but so much Wendy’s one person can eat!!

I’ve always been focused on my career. Now it’s time to focus on my health.

If I don’t, how am I supposed to run a salon all day?


I Miss You Wendy’s.

December 11, 2008

For those of you who know me really well, you know I love Wendy’s. 

If I were to pull up to a Wendy’s drive thru right at this very moment, I’d order, uh… 5-piece chicken nuggets, a large order of fries, a junior bacon cheeseburger and definitely a twisted chocolate frosty with oreo cookies.

I know that’s a lot of food, but I’d eat every bit of it.  It TASTES so good!

But I told myself that I was going to cut back because I HAVE TO BUDGET, especially in my current situation.  When I looked over previous credit card statements, I noticed that most of my purchases was on food and eating out.

But boy, Wendy’s do I miss you. We had a serious love affair going on, didn’t we?