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Dream Big Dreams

January 20, 2009

This summer, before President Obama was President, before he was President-Elect or even the Democratic nominee. When he was just a Jr. Senator from Illinois, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet him.

It was during a private fundraising event in Cincinnati while on the campaign trail that I was able to hear him speak. He gave a speech that inspired me to be bold, to be creative, to be an “outside of the box” thinker.

It was there that I also felt the confidence of an unknown man full of determination, guts and purpose. An unknown black man. An unknown black man with a black wife. An unknown black man with a Muslim middle name.  An unknown black man who was raised by a single mother, whose father wasn’t around. An unknown black man who would later, against all odds, persevere beyond the  Clinton establishment. Who would go on to win victoriously over his well-known war hero opponent.

Yet, what made that evening most memorable, was what I witnessed after his speech.  My 8 year old cousin Tennyson, without fear of failure, without shame, looked up to this man unabashedly with an honest confidence, handing him a piece of paper, asking this man for his  autograph.   

In which was signed:
“Dream Big Dreams” – Barack Obama

I brushed my fingers across every letter.  And firmly took hold of those words in my spririt. 

President Obama has proven today that the possibility to dream big dreams is a reality for all of us.

What will you dare to dream??


Write Down Your BIG Dreams!

January 9, 2009

While I was working in the ad industry, I can’t tell you how many different positions I wanted to be or try at one time or another. I wanted at one time to be a CEO, then it was an Account Manager of a worldwide account, next a diversity consultant, a project manager and the last thing I remember was to help the industry go green.  Oh yeah, I even thought about going over to the Client side!

All that to say, my aspirations continuously changed during the past 5 years.

But whatever my goals or dreams, I’ve learned the importance of writing them out, no not in your mind, but on paper. You can always revise your written plans again. Plus, what matters most is that you create a vision for yourself that will help you live deliberately and purposefully. 

I believe that all people work best when they are working with a purpose. Jack Canfield, in his book, “The Success Principles,” says that the brain is a goal-seeking organism. And I believe it.  For me, when I write my goals and dreams down, I am more focused, more energetic and more motivated.  And as new ideas come and my dreams change along the way, I adapt and just re-adjust my written plan. 

Last year, I put together a structure that includes, what I’m sure my friends and family would think, but not dare say, some of my lofty ideas.  And I’d like to share it with you so that you can think about creating one of your own.   Because I’m a visual person, I’ve outlined in this chart my dreams in a way where I see how the ideas link and ultimately build off of the other. 

If it’s not over this weekend, I hope it’s soon that you take the time to outline ON PAPER some of the goals and dreams you have for yourself too. And I dare you to MAKE THEM BIG. 


Why not.

Oh, and I’d like to challenge you to write a mission statement for yourself also. That helps me to be focused.  And I’m sure it’d help you do the same. 🙂

I’ll be checking in next week to see if anyone has written any of their dreams/plans down on paper!!

Shoot me an email if you have any questions or if you need any help.

What is Your Passion?

December 10, 2008

Do you know what your passion is?

More than anything, this is what I’m on a mission to find out. I’d say I was pretty good at my corporate job, but it wasn’t necessarily something I loved to do.

I recall an old diary entry I wrote a little more than a year ago.  In it, I listed all the things I thought I’d enjoy doing for free.

  • Self-Help Columnist/Author
  • Teacher
  • Travel
  • Shoe Designer
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Leader of a support group that empowers women
  • Photographer
  • Interior Designer
  • Owner of a Hair Salon
  • Landlord of an Apt Building
  • Party/Event Planner
  • Jewelry Designer
  • Hotel Owner
  • Founder of an organization that helps family deal with sexual abuse
  • Life Coach

I still can’t believe I wrote down hair salon owner as one of the things I’d do.  I remember when I was a little girl how much I enjoyed doing hair.  My grandmother bought me two mannequin heads when I was younger, and I spent all of my time styling their hair.  Oh man, was I in heaven.  My grandparents told me that one day I’d own salons all over the country.

So, what happened?

Being a hairdresser was too easy. You don’t need a college degree to become a hair stylist.  I also remember all of the status that came along with having a lucrative corporate career. I was too busy feeding my ego and worrying about what others thought. 

But now, I could care less.

More than anything else – being a millionaire, creating a big business, the status – I want to be happy and fulfilled.  And I will try anything and everything to get there.

I’m no longer concerned with position. I’m focused on finding what I’m most passionate about.

What about you?  What would you do for free?

Nothing is Impossible

December 8, 2008

In church yesterday, my pastor challenged everyone in the congregation to at least once in their lives, ask God for something they thought impossible.

I’d like to extend this challenge to you.

What would you ask God to do?