Questions in my head at the moment.

Am I happy?

Why can’t I just live my life without being so afraid?

Why am I afraid?

What am I afraid of?

Why can’t I relax?

Why can’t I just trust in the process?

What’s the big deal of having debt?

God, how can we be closer?

Am I going to lose this weight?

Who am I to be successful?

Why do I feel the need to have all the answers?

Why am I such a control freak?

Why do I feel I have to do the right thing?

What is the right thing?

What is the next thing?

What if this business fails?

Nothing is permanent, so who cares if I make mistakes?

Isn’t life supposed to be an adventure?

Why do I take everything so seriously?

Why are all of these questions running through my mind?


One Response to “Questions in my head at the moment.”

  1. CreoleInDC Says:

    Because you think too much. If you DO as much as you THINK about doing…no way in the world you won’t be successful doing whatever you want to do.


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