My first day in class.

So, I started my cosmetology class this past Monday. And I’m liking it already.

I’m being exposed to a wide variety of people – hair veterans, as well as the amateurs.  Most of the girls are already working in salons as apprentices, but one girl, like me, is making a complete career change.

And my instructor, she seems pretty cool and has worked in the industry for a long time.  She’s worked at a salon franchise (Sports Clips), and in another salon prior to that.  Plus, she’s owned her own shop in Richmond. So, she’s pretty much seen it all.

But most fun to me right now, and probably because I’m so new to this, is that the school is putting together a fashion show/ hair competition in March. All of the students get to participate, should they so choose. I know I won’t be doing any hair, but I may participate as a hair model. 🙂

What?!?!? Can’t a girl fantasize just a little?

This is going to be fun!


4 Responses to “My first day in class.”

  1. Jillian Says:

    That sounds so exciting! I can see you now with a purple, green and red weave mohawk workin it down the aisle! Get it girl!

  2. Jumped Off The Ladder Says:

    Uh….a mohawk? Not sure about that one. LOL.

  3. Donnell Says:

    You would definitly look like a philly girl if you sported a mohawk Daviece.

  4. CreoleInDC Says:

    If you take the stuff that you learn there and forget half of it to supplement it with what I’ve taught you about hair…you’re already on your way to being successful!

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