My Last (Fast Food) Supper

I had my last Wendy’s supper last night. 

And for the next 30 days, I am COMMITTED to eating only healthy foods – fruits, vegetables, lean protein and good snacks. That’s it.

The bottom line is: I’m NOT HEALTHY!  (And I could stand to lose a few pounds too.)

Especially as an entrepreneur, I think it’s sooo important to be healthy and have a healthy kind of energy. And eating the wrong type of foods will have just the total opposite effect I think.

When I met with Kelly on Monday, another young entrpreneur, she said that after she had gone on a raw food diet, her body changed. Naturally, she lost weight, but she also gained mental clarity and a more positive energy.

And that’s what I want too.

When I think about it, I haven’t been sleeping through the night and I’m sure it’s because of my eating habits.  And lately, I’ve been feeling drained, lethargic and not as confident as I normally am. I’m 100% positive it’s because my body is toxic. There’s just but so much Wendy’s one person can eat!!

I’ve always been focused on my career. Now it’s time to focus on my health.

If I don’t, how am I supposed to run a salon all day?


5 Responses to “My Last (Fast Food) Supper”

  1. Ariane Says:

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! I’m so proud of you honey!!!!!!! Love you….

  2. Donnell Says:

    I thought you had quit your love affair with Wendys, it was one of your first posts. C’mon it is time to cut those fries loose, although there spicy chicken sandwichs are to die for.

  3. Jumped Off The Ladder Says:

    LOL. Believe me, I tried.

    And if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again!

  4. Simone Says:

    Great job hon! here is a good book to pick up if you have a chance.

  5. Jumped Off The Ladder Says:

    Thanks Simone for that book. I’m definitely going to check it out!!

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