Our President is off to work today.

And so am I.

I forgot to tell you, but this past Thursday, I met with (5) people in the hair industry – 3 salon owners and 2 areas supervisors for hair salon franchises (Supercuts & Smart Style at WalMart).

And for the most part, the general consensus  is that I should have some knowledge about hair and how to do hair if I’m going to own my own salon. On the flip side, I could own a franchise, and the majority of them KNOW NOTHING about hair… I’m just going to be sure to check out all of my options.

I learned a lot last week, however. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Know how to do hair if you want to own your own salon
  • Find your own voice regarding hair and establish your own vision about what type of salon you want to run
  • I can either go to hair school OR learn through an apprenticeship (in which I’d work under someone and get more hands on training) to learn about hair and hairstyling
  • There are (3) ways in which to own a salon – create a salon from scratch, buy a previously owned salon or invest in a hair salon franchise

So, today, now that my room is now nice and neat, I’m going to do a little following up and:

  • Send Thank You cards to everyone I met last week
  • Explore various hair salons and get a sense of their ambience and what they’re trying to accomplish
  • Research franchising possibilities and options
  • Schedule a time to speak with the one salon owner who’s currently looking for an apprentice and ask her some more questions about that opportunity

I should be pretty busy today.

Hope you’re expecting to have WONDERFUL day today!!


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