Dear God,

I have witnessed something I never dared to dream.

God, I THANK You for this moment.

God, I THANK You for this day.

And I ask You Father, on this very day, to keep our new President.  And to guide our President during these tough times. To walk with him as he leads us. To strengthen him as he strengthens our nation. To renew him as he works to rebuild and restore our place in the world.

And Lord, I ask that you protect our country, President Obama and his family.  Keep our President, our First Lady and their children. Keep our Vice President, his wife and their children. And Lord God, keep this administration too.  Keep them all, oh Lord, out of harm’s way.  For You, oh God, can do all things without help. But Lord, we need Your help in order to do all things.

I HONOR Your presence, and I PRAISE You for the privilege of just being alive.

I am filled with gladness.



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