I’m moving along, slowly but surely…

So, today I finally accomplished what I’ve been trying to accomplish for days and days now.

I pretty much completed the Company Description AND the Product & Services sections!!  All I have to do now is decide what type of business structure I want the salon to be, ie LLC, Corporation, etc. But before I make any final decisions, I want to talk it over with my SCORE counselor.

In any event, I’m happy with my progress. All in all, since my last progress report, I’ve done the following:

  • Written out the Company Description and Services section of my business plan.
  • Spoken with a local salon owner who gave me great tips/advice on how/what to do to get started. The thing that was so fascinating was that her story was similar to mine. She had gone to college, got a degree in Business Management, worked in Corporate America and then “jumped off the ladder” to pursue her dream of owning a hair salon. She then decided to go to hair school, and within 2-3 months upon graduating, she opened of shop. This year makes three years in which she’s been in business. 
  • My aunt gave me an old filing cabinet, so I’ve set up my little system of what goes where, so that I’ll be more organized here on out. When I’m crazy and everything’s all over the place, I never can perform at 100%. So I’m grateful for that.
  • Tomorrow, I’ll hopefully be speaking with two more salon owners, or at least I’ll be introduced to two more who I’m hoping will allow me to pick their brains.  One of the owners in particular works alone, so I’m hoping there might be an opportunity for me to be a shampoo technician or receptionist or something – in exchange for some business advice. We’ll see…
  • And then on Friday, I have my next session with my SCORE counselor. I’m also meeting up with another fellow entrepreur who owns her own interior designing business. Just want to pick her brain to see how she likes doing  her own thing. The pros/cons of it all, so that I’m fully prepared.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted when I’ve got more to share…


2 Responses to “I’m moving along, slowly but surely…”

  1. Donnell Says:

    Nice job Daviece, it is good to see that you are progressing towards your goal. I am sure hearing the story from the first salon owner was very encouraging. THREE YEARS, and she had her own salon. You can do it Daviece, and you will do it, you don’t have a choice but to do it. Keep it up, keep your dream in front of you. Make sure you get a license to cut hair to, lol!!!!

  2. Jumped Off The Ladder Says:

    Thank you so much Donnell!! You stay supporting me, and I appreciate it 100%. Your big sister adores you.

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