Though the GIANT’S didn’t win…

Yoohie's new dog, Snoopy

Yoohie's new dog, Snoopy

 …I enjoyed myself a rather good weekend. Didn’t do too much, no work on my business plan sad to say, but I was able to catch up with a few girlfriends.


I needed the socializing.  I’m the kind of person who takes myself and my life way too seriously a lot of the time, so to have a glass of wine, laugh, watch a movie, see a friend’s new dog and just catch up with some pretty cool chicas is always a great way to help me relax.

Plus, my girlfriends gave me some great advice/tips on how to promote my blog. One of my friends also agreed to work on creating a logo for my blog, so I’m SIKED about that.

So, what about you? How was your weekend?!?!?


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