Yesterday was a good day.

It was productive.

I went to the library and actually worked some on my business plan. Yep, I sure did!

  • Still don’t have that Mission Statement done, BUT I did put together a “production” schedule for my self-imposed deadline of Feb 15th. No reason for that date, I just know me, and I MUST have something to work towards. And it also helped me feel less overwhelmed too and just focus on one section at a time. But I totally understood this morning why a lot of people DON’T start their own businesses, believe me.
  • I started pulling some industry trends and brainstormed about the salon description. I have a lot of ideas, and I’m putting them all down on paper. That way, I can just clip and cut and organize all of my thoughts at once.
  • I signed up for SCORE’s ( free counseling/mentor service.  Hopefully, I’ll hear back from them sometime today?!?!
  • I went to the bookstore and purchased some books that would help me learn more about hair and entrepreneurship; I also got INC and Entrepreneur magazines so that I can order subscriptions.
  • I had an appointment yesterday with the guy who lead the entrepreneur class I started taking before leaving my job, but he ended up having to reschedule our meeting until today. Id’ like his input on what type of business structure I should set the salon up as.

…I’m definitely on my way!!


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