Small Business Resource: SCORE

Today, while at the library, I did some research on the best way to put together a business plan, and I landed on SCORE’s website. 

For those of you who may not know, SCORE is a non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurs create business,  also assisting in helping business owners further develop and grow an existing business.   If anyone’s interested in doing their own thing one day, this may prove to be an excellent resource.

Cool thing about SCORE is that they offer educational workshops at low costs, and they also provide counseling services too – as many as you need – from retired professionals and other successful entreprenuers.

Now I’ve never worked with them before, but today I signed up for the free counseling services with the Richmond chapter. When I was working, I was a volunteer speaker for the Small Business Administration, and I met a few small business owners who worked with SCORE before.  And if I recall correctly, they found SCORE’s services to be helpful.

We’ll see.

Anyway, the site for SCORE is

I also found a great link to SCORE Chicago that provides information on the topic of business plans. You may want to check that out too.


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