Life Lesson #1

Everyone will NOT understand, support or approve of what you’re doing, and that’s ok.

I got an overwhelmingly amount of support today from friends and family about my blog. (THANK YOU) And I also received a phone call from a family member that temporarily got me WAY upset to the point of tears.

In my original post this AM, I mentioned that I had gone to the Department of Social Services yesterday to get an application and see if I was elegible for food stamps.  After having send my blog link out to folks, my cell phone rang with a “Do you not have any pride?” along with some other, what I took as hurtful, comments.  So I ended up deleting that part of what I had written.

But why did that bother me so much? It was only one person’s opinion, right? And as we went back and forth, I blurted out right in the midst of our conversation —

“Because I want you to like it! I’m looking for your approval.”  

BAM, and right then and right there, just like that, I was hit with a million dollar insight!

I yelled it, heard it, and recognized what I had said in that very moment and realized that everyone will NOT understand nor like what you’re doing no matter how hard you might try to get them to. It’s impossible anyway. There are too many people with too many opinions to make everybody happy. 

And in the grand scheme of things, I can’t let it be that major. I’m currently unemployed. And I, nor anyone else for that matter, should be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for government assistance if it’s in fact available to them.  Whoopi Goldberg temporarily needed government help at one time in her life before making it big.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for anybody to take advantage of the system, but I am pointing out that there is assistance available for those who may need it temporarily.

The reason I started this blog was a). to have a place where my friends and family could keep track of what I was doing, and b). to be an example and encouragement to others to remove themselves from certain situations that may be causing them unhappiness, whatever they may be for them. 

I know some people who won’t leave relationships and/or other things because they don’t feel they can do it financially.  And I want  those same people to know, and even if it means exposing some things about me that are uncomfortable, that there are options and that freedom and happiness are attainable.

But I will tell ya this. Knowing that you won’t have everyone’s approval or understanding doesn’t make it any easier. *sigh*

But you’ve got to continue onward anyway.

Shux, and after all this, I may not even qualify!!!


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