Day 1 of Work (In the Library)

Yesterday sure wasn’t one of my most productive days, but I sure got some stuff done. Of course, not as much as I’d hoped…but hey, I’m trying.

I started out bright and early, got to the library around 9am to find a long line of people waiting to get in. WHAT? The library? I later saw why. Folks needed to use the Internet, and with your library card, you can use their computers and Internet service for two hours.

Whatever happened to 15 minutes? lol

Anyhow…I started working on my mission statement to no avail. Got bored and restless, ended up leaving around 10am and ran some errands.

I returned some stuff, cause my credit card balances are not so, uh…, let’s just say good. And then I went to the AT&T store and purchased their Laptop Connect cards so that I can travel anywhere and have Internet connection for AS LONG AS I WANT – 2 hours and then some.

So once I was done with all that – AT&T, H&M, Banana Republic, Pier 1 – I decided to head back to the library.  While I was on Facebook for most of that time, I was able to update the ABOUT section on here. So, that was good. I purchased the domain from and once my blog is redirected to that site and can send this creation of mine to my friends and family FINALLY!


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