Killing two birds…

After my interviews with the hair schools and it raining like crazy on Thursday, I decided to stay over in DC that night.  And since I’d be in town the extra day, I put in a call to the salon, Natural Motions, where I used to work  when I was in college.  I figured, I might as well see if the owner Ms. Nolan would be willing to give me some advice on how to get started in the hair business.
When I got there, it was just like old times. Some people left, but those who were still there looked the same.  And being there sure did bring back some fond memories.  I would stop by that salon and stay in there all day sometimes, just chatting it up with the ladies.  They were my friends, my counselors and my colleagues. I remember some of the hot messes that walked in and the glamorous women who left out.  I was one happy sistah when I stepped foot into that shop.
So, I talked with Ms. Nolan, and she shared with me some gems of wisdom:
#1 – Go to the best hair school
#2 – Wait till you finish school to decide exactly what you want to do in the industry
#3 – Work in a salon for 2 years to build clientelle, if you want to open your own shop
#4 – Hairdressers are crazy
And then,  just like old times, I decided to go and get my hair done.  Though I had absolutely nowhere special to go, I asked for those 1930’s vintage, dry fingerwaves.  I left happy.  What do you think? 

Hair Diva


 My plan was to treat myself to a nice dinner, but when I got back to Richmond, I ended up running into my girlfriend Tracee.  We  enjoyed a fabulous abd yummy dinner at Nordstrom’s and then even capped off the night with some pedicures.  Life is damn sure good.

2 Responses to “Killing two birds…”

  1. Jonnie Says:

    I love it!!!

  2. Jumped Off The Ladder Says:

    Thanks J!!!

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