What is Your Passion?

Do you know what your passion is?

More than anything, this is what I’m on a mission to find out. I’d say I was pretty good at my corporate job, but it wasn’t necessarily something I loved to do.

I recall an old diary entry I wrote a little more than a year ago.  In it, I listed all the things I thought I’d enjoy doing for free.

  • Self-Help Columnist/Author
  • Teacher
  • Travel
  • Shoe Designer
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Leader of a support group that empowers women
  • Photographer
  • Interior Designer
  • Owner of a Hair Salon
  • Landlord of an Apt Building
  • Party/Event Planner
  • Jewelry Designer
  • Hotel Owner
  • Founder of an organization that helps family deal with sexual abuse
  • Life Coach

I still can’t believe I wrote down hair salon owner as one of the things I’d do.  I remember when I was a little girl how much I enjoyed doing hair.  My grandmother bought me two mannequin heads when I was younger, and I spent all of my time styling their hair.  Oh man, was I in heaven.  My grandparents told me that one day I’d own salons all over the country.

So, what happened?

Being a hairdresser was too easy. You don’t need a college degree to become a hair stylist.  I also remember all of the status that came along with having a lucrative corporate career. I was too busy feeding my ego and worrying about what others thought. 

But now, I could care less.

More than anything else – being a millionaire, creating a big business, the status – I want to be happy and fulfilled.  And I will try anything and everything to get there.

I’m no longer concerned with position. I’m focused on finding what I’m most passionate about.

What about you?  What would you do for free?


2 Responses to “What is Your Passion?”

  1. John Says:


    I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you for what it’s worth. I was excited and delighted to get your text to check out your blog and all of the anticipation was eclipsed by what I found when I got here! I can definitely relate to much of what you are writing about. I graduated college only recently (May) and I’m currently working a decent job but not one that I am passionate about. It doesn’t engage my uniqueness, my passions or my abilities and for me that’s a pretty big hint that its not where I belong. But as you know better than I do, its not always easy telling folks you’re quitting your job, especially the folks that would have to support you if you did! But I have to tell you how inspired I am by your writing. Your willingness to risk ‘security’ for the sake of happiness. To risk wealth to pursue the abundant life. I’m very proud of you and I’m drawing from your courage. I know that the clock is ticking and its just a matter of time before my job and I part ways. The difficult question for me to answer is, what am I waiting for? I know that fear of the unknown is a major obstacle not to mention what other people think. But when it comes down to it the only factor that should really weigh in is how much I trust God. I don’t believe He spent the time creating me uniquely for a purpose that doesn’t utilize the particularities that make me who I am. I marvel at how many people spend so much time searching for their purpose and overlooking some of the major clues that you’ve outlined in your blog. For example: what do you love to do? Your purpose might have something to do with that. What makes you happy? What do you look forward to? What engages you? Makes you lose track of time? Like you said, what would you do for free, if it were possible that you could do it without getting paid in fulfilment? I know the answers to many of these questions for myself. But knowing is half the battle. Doing, ACTING as you said, applying…these things require a little more muscle and by displaying your strength you have encourged me to roll up my sleeves as well. For what its worth, I completely support your passionate pursuit of excellence, and a life voluptuous with God’s providence. Christ taught us that saving is losing, that hording is wasting and that what we lay down and spend for Him, we have invested wisely. God is the one who has gifted you and invested in you most so if you are concerned with giving anyone the returns from their investment, it ought to be the Creator and author of life itself, and especially yours. Keep listening to His voice and following His lead. By following God you become a leader to others, almost by default and there are many who need to find themselves in step with His will for their lives. His purpose for your life is almost certainly bigger and further reaching than you can imagine and someday I’ll be glad to say I was around for the beautifully awkward ‘humble beginnings’ stage. All God’s best to you Daviece! I’ll be here to read on and support. And don’t worry, my comments won’t regularly be this long, it’s just that I took in everything at once, kinda blog binged, emotionally processed and regurgitated my feelings all over your reply box. I’ll aim for shorter comments, more often. But again, I thank you for stepping out. Your light has encouraged me to shine my own, as we were all intended to do and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Shine on Daviece! As if, with the Spirit of the living God inside you, you could help it! Much love!

    -John S.

  2. Jumped Off The Ladder Says:

    Thank you so much for your your kind words and for your words of wisdom. My heart receives it all. Please keep me posted on your progress.

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