I’m back!

Newport, RI 2008

Newport, RI 2008

Both physically and mentally.

The trip was so much fun. We ate really good food everyday, went horseback riding and wine tasting. Cool thing about Newport is that there are a lot of old mansions in the city. So, we toured a couple of those also. One, called ‘The Breakers’ was owned by the Vanderbilt family. It had 80 rooms – 30 for their servants!

This trip was EXACLTY what I needed to get back on track.

Prior to my trip, I was a total wreck. Though excited about my new venture, the excitement was overshadowed with fear and doubt.  I can totally understand why people stay working instead of doing their own thing.  Security, steady income, health insurance, and plus, that’s what the majority of people do – they work.  That in itself is scary enough, just going against what most people do.

With a million things on my mind, I didn’t know where to start. Moving, getting health insurance, finding a part time job that would help carry me through this process.  I began questioning myself and whether or not the idea of opening the salon I envisioned was a good enough one.  And for that matter, I started asking myself if I were good enough to bring what I think a good idea to life.

I was just absolutely terrified.

But one thing my pastor said during his sermon that weekend stuck out – “God ALWAYS finishes what He starts.” So, I said right then and there that I was going to see this hair salon through.

Then, Maw-Maw reminded me again that “Life is an adventure.”  She’s right. I’m going to make this entrepreneurial journey an adventurous one. What’s the worse that could happen? If it doesn’t work out, I can always find another job.

And finally, THANK YOU God for this trip. I’ve come back re-energized and totally re-engaged. I’m happy, and yes, still scared.

But also, very ready.


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